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web developer in training


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Since discovering my passion for web development in 2017, I've been building on my skills and knowledge daily through resources such as freeCodeCamp, Udacity, and Codecademy.

When I'm not coding, I can be found delving deep into history, learning a language, or on an outdoor excursion in the Pacific Northwest.

Born and raised in California, I settled down in Seattle in 2015 after spending a few years as an international student in Vancouver, Canada.




Front-End Libraries Certification, 2019
JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification, 2019
Responsive Web Design Certification, 2019

Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree, 2018

University of British Columbia – Vancouver, British Columbia
Bachelor of Arts, Geography, 2015

Santa Monica College – Santa Monica, California
Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts, 2011


  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • React
  • Redux
  • Vue
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Python
  • Flexbox
  • CSS Grid
  • jQuery
  • Git/GitHub
  • Webpack
  • Gulp
  • TypeScript
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Materialize CSS
  • Material-UI
  • Foundation
  • Sass
  • ARIA
  • SQL
  • AJAX
  • Testing (incl. Mocha & Jest)


devConnect preview


Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, React, Redux

Fancy Snaps preview

Fancy Snaps

Node.js, Express, React

Random quote machine preview

Random Quote Machine

React, React Hooks, Material-UI

Beat Machine app preview

Beat Machine

React, React Hooks, CSS Grid, Flexbox

Memory game preview

Memory Game


todos app preview


jQuery, Flexbox

Dad jokes app preview

Dad Jokes


ZEUS Hosting preview

ZEUS Hosting

Foundation 6, Sass

Seattle Scoops preview

Seattle Scoops

React, Foursquare API, Google Maps API

MyReads preview



React Calculator preview

React Calculator

React, Flexbox

Bug Dash preview

Bug Dash


Restaurant reviews app preview

Restaurant Reviews

Service worker, Leaflet, ARIA, JavaScript

Markdown Previewer preview

Markdown Previewer

React, React Hooks, React Bootstrap, Bootstrap 4

Demon Slayer preview

Demon Slayer

Vue.js, Foundation 6

GoalKeeper preview


Vue.js, Bootstrap 4

Luminescence Photography preview

Luminescence Photography

CSS Grid, Flexbox

David Hume tribute page preview

Tribute Page

Bootstrap 4

Pixel Art Maker app preview

Pixel Art Maker


React Todos app preview

React Todos

React, Materialize CSS

Technical documentation page preview

Technical Documentation Page

CSS Grid, Flexbox, JavaScript

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Coming Soon

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